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After a long time-out researching new ideas and project, we restart our website with an exclusive interview with the famous Italian Pornstar Roberta Farnese, who tells us with naturality and sympathy her life as hardcore diva. Thanks to R.F. Produzioni for the photogallery.

Dear Roberta, welcome on Big Boobed Models, it's a honour to have you with us!
Thank you, it is a big pleasure for me too t be here.

First of all, how is your career going?
Let's say that it's going well, after just 15 movies with Alex Magni and CentoxCento I've been contact by a big Production and I will be the producer of my movies and the Italian National "MILF".

How did you start your career as hardcore actress?
Randomly, as it often happens: I'm addicted to read while sunbathing (nude when it's possible). One day I was reading a female magazine that was talking about amateur hardcore movies and CentoxCento. Me and my husband are very naughty so we sent an email and the answer came very quickly.

Being nude and having sex are fundamental parts of your life, tell us more about you and some naughty situations.
You know, living the porn industry we have learnt to live sex like fun, with irony. I remember that one evening after having been to a restaurant with a friend, we came in his car and I started oral sex with my friend on the highway. My husband was sitting behind and he screamed to do that slower because we were travelling too fast, over 160 km/h.

How is the relation with your body?
Complicated, as it is for many women. I'm scared of skin imperfections like cellulitis and so on. But when I start a diet I know how to manage it and I do a more intensive gym.

Let's talk about your great boobs: what's their size? 
I have a 4/5C (38/40C). My tits are my little sisters and they fit well with everything.

Do you play with them often?What are your favorite games with your "little sisters"?
Mmmmm, I shake them with my hands, playing with the areolas fingering around them until the middle. Then I bite the nipples with my nails (they are always long, I do care a lot of them). My man goes crazy for that, he touches my tits very often, even when he shouldn't do that. Yes I do many erotic games with them and sometimes they are our remote control holder: when my man doesn't know where to put some things, they always finish to stay between my tits!

What do you love and don't like of your job?
I love everything that has to do with sex , the relationship with friends, joking and laughing during our journeys, and the gossip with my colleagues. I don't like things made without naturality, this influences who looks at you.

And what about your fans? Can you stay in touch with them? Con i tuoi fans che rapporto hai? Riesci spesso a stare in contatto con loro?
There is a big majority of "Farnesini" (That's how I call my male fans) than "Farnesine": They appreciate my body and my sincerity too. I am in touch with them on www.phica.net, where there is a Thread of 92 pages about me: I seduct and tease my fans everyday and we joke very much. You can find me very often on Twitter.

Say hello to them in a very hot way, as you can do.
A hot kiss from Roberta Farnese, that it's like a pygiama of spit in all the erogenous zones from A to Z. Find me on the Social Networks and of Phica.net. 




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