Ladies and gentleman please welcome to Tanya Ivanova. She is a sexy and busty Latvian babe doing very sensual erotic shows on webcam, and we have met her for a cool and fine interview: enjoy!

A: Dear Tanya welcome to our board, how are you?
T: Hi there, I'm very well, thank you.

A: How are you feeling to be interviewed?
T: It's a cold wintry day here, so I hope my photos and my replies will warm up your readers, raise a smile and maybe a little more....

A: Tell us more about you.
T: I'm a model and performer. Life is full and fulfilling. In the last 5 years, I've worked with webcams, with many popular adult sites. (I'm not often online, but when I am, I'm always busy).

A: Describe your naughtiest side.
T: I'm feminine, sensual and provocative. I'm friendly and expressive. I enjoy pleasures shared, and love to tease. I like to seduce, I like to feel desires, I love to feel powerful over men, making them aroused and excited. And of course, I love to feel satisfied too.

A: How much do you like and how often do you play with your big breasts?
T: I love my big breasts. They are soft and sensitive, so I adore gentle caresses and kisses on my nipples. I like to dress in glamorous and erotic lingerie every day and every night, then to feel beautiful clothes on my skin, but I like to be naked most of all.

A: What is their size? Are they natural?
T: Triple D, and yes, natural.

A: You're one very busy cam model: what do you offer in your shows?
T: Everything from erotic striptease to exotic lingerie shows; sometimes with oils and creams; sometimes with sex toys; sometimes fetish shows of course. I have many different styles of stockings, pantyhose and lingerie, in many different colours, as well of high heels. I have costumes and clothes in leather, latex and lace. I love dressing up, and love to be expressive, online and in life.

A: What is your opinion about porn?
T: Personally I prefer private, intimate love-making, with webcams.

A: Would you take part in a porn movie?
T: I've been asked many times, but always too busy elsewhere. I enjoy modelling, especially lingerie and high heels, and when I feel sexy, erotic performance online.

A: What's the strangest place where you have had sex?
T: I love making love, and see it as natural, not strange. I enjoy making love everywhere, especially when it is in nature: on a beach at sunset; or in a forest at sunrise. Oh, one time I remember, in an unusual place, was when I made love in a private box at the theatre. It was a hot summer night, the lights were low, and the mood was romantic, so....

A: Example: you're relaxing fully nude on a beach and a man sees you. How would you behave?
T: On the beach, only friends see me fully naked. As we've all seen each other many times, we just behave naturally and have lots of fun ))))

A: In full freedom send your hottest message to our readers and followers.
T: As you can see from my photos, I'm a sensual woman. As you can read from my replies, I'm playful and like to have fun. Right now I'm wearing black stockings, black skirt, red satin shirt, red velvet heels and a smile.... so join me, if you know where to find me, and in private, if you feel playful.... just remember, under my clothes, I'm completely naked. Come, discover pleasure, together.

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