Morgan is a sexy and superbusty hot chick from Stockholm (Sweden). Her most famous hobby is posting breathless nude selfies on her Social accounts, especially on Twitter where she is one of the new busty queens. Believe us, she is always very horny as well speaking about herself and she loves to get naked.

A: Hello Morgan, welcome to our board. How are you?
M: Hi I am very horny and you? Hahaha

A: Very well now watching you, thanks! You are a very sexy star on Twitter, what does it mean for you?
M: It's wonderful, I never thought to receive such appreciation!.

A: You often post very hot selfies of your body, mostly with nudity. When did you begin and why?
M: I am new on Twitter, and I think that people are better there than on Instagram.

A: Is your hot body all natural?
M: Actually no, I have enhanced tits and I love them very much

A: What's their bra size?
M: 36DDD

A: Are they your favorite part of your own body?
M: Yes, I love my big boobs and my ass too.

A: How often do you play with them?
M: Every morning, I love to massage them.

A: You are from Sweden, a land of hotties. Do you have any favorite?
M: Not really, I love all Swedish women. It is our genetic to be beautiful and hot haha!

A: Would you take part in a porn movie if asked?
M: Maybe someday

A: Do you have any sexy plan in your future?
M: I post daily pics because I want to be more popular as model, wishing to find an agency that permits me to work in a more formal way.

A: Demonstrate your love to your fans sending them your hot message.
M: Hello guys I am Morgan Hultgren (swedishkiller_x), thanks for all your support to me on Twitter and Instagram. Follow me, I have many surprises for you, and I promise to share with you a video of me masturbating. Love you bitches!

NUDE PHOTOGALLERY (from angrymoon.net):

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