After the great moments spent together with the queen of porn Sensual Jane, we stay in Romania to meet her colleague and as well magnificient busty hardcore star Jasmine Black. Enjoy this interview and follow her.

A: Jasmine, it's a pleasure to have you here on our board. Welcome and happy new year! 
J: Hi, thanks so much! Happy new year to all of you!

A: How have you began your 2015?
J: I have stayed with my family and with people I love, dreaming for a better new year.

A: You are one of the most active pornstars nowadays, how many movies and shoots are you taking?
J: Oh actually I never not the number so...I don't know! (laughs)

A: You are well known for your magnificient big breasts, do you play often with them, even in your free time?
J: My boobs are my treasure!! (smiles) Sure I play with them much and not just in the shower. I like to spoil them (smiles)

A: Are titfucking scenes your favorite? If not, what would you choose?
J: Yes they are, but there are also scenes with a comedy scenario and I like them a lot

A: Romania is a land full of amazing busty ladies working as pornstars, adult or cam models. What's your opinion about that?
J: Romanian girls are great, I have many colleagues from my country and as you also know, we are famous to be very sexy and beautiful.

A: Have you a boyfriend or a husband?
J: No boyfriend, no husband. Anybody is interested?? (smiles)

A: Do you have many fans and followers on Social Networks?
J: Actually I can't be on Social Networks as I wish but I love to interact with my amazing fans

A: What are your main hobbies?
J: I have two puppies and I love them. We often go to the park to spend some time and walk. And I do several things together with my friends. When I don't travel, relax is my priority.

A: Send your hottest, sexy message to all your fans.
J: I love you all and I am proud to have so many fans. You always bring a big smile on my face every time I read your messages.

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