The perfect day has come: Sensual Jane, one of the best porn divas ever, has been exclusively interviewed today for Big Boobed Models. At the top of her magnificient career this amazing Romanian girl talks about her life in Porn Industry and about some naughty "secrets".

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A: It's with honour that we welcome you to our board Jane, how are you?
J: Hello, thanks for welcoming! I am great and have a really good life

A: This is a very important moment in your career, how do you live it?
J: I live it at maximum because my professional life is on top which must be maintained here

A: When and how did you begin your career in adult business?
J: In 2009. I was so curious and I felt some tingles in my pussy when i thought about that (smiles)

A: You come from Romania, a land of very busty women and very famous pornstars: why is the adult business so developed in your country in your opinion?
J: Because of the financial opportunity and because we like what we are doing, so it's only a positive feedback. 

A: Working for international productions has given big fame to you, what are your bigger qualities as porn actress?
J: My fans think that I am very sexual and full of sensuality. 

A: Do you prefer modelling or acting?
J: I actually prefer acting.

A: Do you usually go topless sunbathing?
J: Haha no because if I do that, all the beach will stare at me (smiles) and then all the boys will have problems with their girls. (smiles)

A: How often do you wear a bra and what size do you need for your big natural boobs?
J: I wear bras almost all the time and my breast size is 34G.

A: Was modelling one of your dreams when you were a little girl?
J:  No, I actually wanted to be a dancer (smiles)

A: Being an international star means to have a huge number of fans. How are your followers with you?
J: They are very enthusiast when I have time to chat a little and they are very apreciative about me. I thank you all for support.

A:  Do you chat/speak often with them? Do you take also sexy cam shows?
J: Yes, pretty often. I want but I dont have time now because I am travelling a lot

A: Please send a sexy gift to your fans and followers.
J: Dear fans, this is my hot gift for you. Enjoy it and don't stop to follow me. Kisses, Sensual Jane.

Follow Sensual Jane here:

Website: www.sensualjane.me
Twitter: @sensualjane


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