Ladies and gentleman please welcome to Tanya Ivanova. She is a sexy and busty Latvian babe doing very sensual erotic shows on webcam, and we have met her for a cool and fine interview: enjoy!

A: Dear Tanya welcome to our board, how are you?
T: Hi there, I'm very well, thank you.

A: How are you feeling to be interviewed?
T: It's a cold wintry day here, so I hope my photos and my replies will warm up your readers, raise a smile and maybe a little more....

A: Tell us more about you.
T: I'm a model and performer. Life is full and fulfilling. In the last 5 years, I've worked with webcams, with many popular adult sites. (I'm not often online, but when I am, I'm always busy).

A: Describe your naughtiest side.
T: I'm feminine, sensual and provocative. I'm friendly and expressive. I enjoy pleasures shared, and love to tease. I like to seduce, I like to feel desires, I love to feel powerful over men, making them aroused and excited. And of course, I love to feel satisfied too.

A: How much do you like and how often do you play with your big breasts?
T: I love my big breasts. They are soft and sensitive, so I adore gentle caresses and kisses on my nipples. I like to dress in glamorous and erotic lingerie every day and every night, then to feel beautiful clothes on my skin, but I like to be naked most of all.

A: What is their size? Are they natural?
T: Triple D, and yes, natural.

A: You're one very busy cam model: what do you offer in your shows?
T: Everything from erotic striptease to exotic lingerie shows; sometimes with oils and creams; sometimes with sex toys; sometimes fetish shows of course. I have many different styles of stockings, pantyhose and lingerie, in many different colours, as well of high heels. I have costumes and clothes in leather, latex and lace. I love dressing up, and love to be expressive, online and in life.

A: What is your opinion about porn?
T: Personally I prefer private, intimate love-making, with webcams.

A: Would you take part in a porn movie?
T: I've been asked many times, but always too busy elsewhere. I enjoy modelling, especially lingerie and high heels, and when I feel sexy, erotic performance online.

A: What's the strangest place where you have had sex?
T: I love making love, and see it as natural, not strange. I enjoy making love everywhere, especially when it is in nature: on a beach at sunset; or in a forest at sunrise. Oh, one time I remember, in an unusual place, was when I made love in a private box at the theatre. It was a hot summer night, the lights were low, and the mood was romantic, so....

A: Example: you're relaxing fully nude on a beach and a man sees you. How would you behave?
T: On the beach, only friends see me fully naked. As we've all seen each other many times, we just behave naturally and have lots of fun ))))

A: In full freedom send your hottest message to our readers and followers.
T: As you can see from my photos, I'm a sensual woman. As you can read from my replies, I'm playful and like to have fun. Right now I'm wearing black stockings, black skirt, red satin shirt, red velvet heels and a smile.... so join me, if you know where to find me, and in private, if you feel playful.... just remember, under my clothes, I'm completely naked. Come, discover pleasure, together.

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In my own opinion she is the hottest woman I have ever seen: Lindsey Pelas is a blonde playmate from Baton Rouge, USA. Her perfect body, her huge boobs (32DDD bust size), sexy smile, hair and eyes make me think so, and I think you will all agree. Let's admire her getting naked on the top of a skyscraper. And don't forget to vote for her as Playboy Cybergirl of the Year, clicking at the following link and then choosing the month of May. http://cgoy.playboyplus.com/

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Yesterday morning a bad bad news came off into nude modelling girls: Page 3 is going to not have anymore topless ladies due to protests of feminist groups who have also activated the account @NoMorePage3 on Twitter. That means too much for what has been an historical page on British newspapers during the last 30-40 years and has become famous all over the world. We hope that nothing happens and everything remains at its place like before. Let's share this photo and demonstrate your support to all Page 3 Girls.



Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to a new spanish pornstar: Candela X. She is from Sevilla (Andalucia) promising to become a new great star in adult business. Let's present her with an interview and her hottest pics.

A. Hello Candela, welcome to Big Boobed Models. How are you?
C. Hello, I am very well, working a lot and with new projects

A. This is the most active period in your professional career, how are you living that?
C. Very well, I am happy to share it with my fans and supporters. I invite you all to see me everyday on cam at camlouder.com (link: http://webcams.cumlouder.com/chica/candela-x/?nats=videochat. and spend some nice time with me (smiles)

A. When did you start to be a porn actress and why?
C. About two years ago. I love sex and to be watched while having it.

A. Are you very exhibitionist?
C. Yes I am. And I always want to be prepared to be watched and desired by the people

A. Tell something about your nice big breasts.
C. I have huge breasts and pierced nipples: I love when people touch, lick, kiss and caress them. And then taking them off quite often because I quite never wear bras.

A. Is hard to be a pornstar in Spain? What's the opinion of Spanish people about porn?
C. Yes it is. In my opinion you have to own qualities, like in every other job. You must have the passion of porn. People has nothing against me but the general rule is full of stereotypes, but I don't mind because I like what I do.

A. How do you sunbathe on beaches? Topless or nude?
C. Nude or with a mini thong. I love the tanlines on my skin and to wake up tanned. I never wear swimbras, just mini thongs.

A. Do you have lot of sex on the beach?
C. Of course, I do sex in every place. I love to be on the beach naked and fuck hard in the sand and in the water.

A. What's planned in your future?
C. For sure I am continueing my career in porn. For the rest there will be some surprises and new projects.

A. Can you send you sexiest message to your fans, please?
C. My dear fans, you will not be disappointed to follow me. I have new very strong projects in mind where you will see me doing orgies, BDSM, Threesomes and much more. Follow me on Twitter at @candelax1 and see me on cam at cumlouder.com

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After the great moments spent together with the queen of porn Sensual Jane, we stay in Romania to meet her colleague and as well magnificient busty hardcore star Jasmine Black. Enjoy this interview and follow her.

A: Jasmine, it's a pleasure to have you here on our board. Welcome and happy new year! 
J: Hi, thanks so much! Happy new year to all of you!

A: How have you began your 2015?
J: I have stayed with my family and with people I love, dreaming for a better new year.

A: You are one of the most active pornstars nowadays, how many movies and shoots are you taking?
J: Oh actually I never not the number so...I don't know! (laughs)

A: You are well known for your magnificient big breasts, do you play often with them, even in your free time?
J: My boobs are my treasure!! (smiles) Sure I play with them much and not just in the shower. I like to spoil them (smiles)

A: Are titfucking scenes your favorite? If not, what would you choose?
J: Yes they are, but there are also scenes with a comedy scenario and I like them a lot

A: Romania is a land full of amazing busty ladies working as pornstars, adult or cam models. What's your opinion about that?
J: Romanian girls are great, I have many colleagues from my country and as you also know, we are famous to be very sexy and beautiful.

A: Have you a boyfriend or a husband?
J: No boyfriend, no husband. Anybody is interested?? (smiles)

A: Do you have many fans and followers on Social Networks?
J: Actually I can't be on Social Networks as I wish but I love to interact with my amazing fans

A: What are your main hobbies?
J: I have two puppies and I love them. We often go to the park to spend some time and walk. And I do several things together with my friends. When I don't travel, relax is my priority.

A: Send your hottest, sexy message to all your fans.
J: I love you all and I am proud to have so many fans. You always bring a big smile on my face every time I read your messages.

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The perfect day has come: Sensual Jane, one of the best porn divas ever, has been exclusively interviewed today for Big Boobed Models. At the top of her magnificient career this amazing Romanian girl talks about her life in Porn Industry and about some naughty "secrets".

Watch the Photogallery at the end of the article:

A: It's with honour that we welcome you to our board Jane, how are you?
J: Hello, thanks for welcoming! I am great and have a really good life

A: This is a very important moment in your career, how do you live it?
J: I live it at maximum because my professional life is on top which must be maintained here

A: When and how did you begin your career in adult business?
J: In 2009. I was so curious and I felt some tingles in my pussy when i thought about that (smiles)

A: You come from Romania, a land of very busty women and very famous pornstars: why is the adult business so developed in your country in your opinion?
J: Because of the financial opportunity and because we like what we are doing, so it's only a positive feedback. 

A: Working for international productions has given big fame to you, what are your bigger qualities as porn actress?
J: My fans think that I am very sexual and full of sensuality. 

A: Do you prefer modelling or acting?
J: I actually prefer acting.

A: Do you usually go topless sunbathing?
J: Haha no because if I do that, all the beach will stare at me (smiles) and then all the boys will have problems with their girls. (smiles)

A: How often do you wear a bra and what size do you need for your big natural boobs?
J: I wear bras almost all the time and my breast size is 34G.

A: Was modelling one of your dreams when you were a little girl?
J:  No, I actually wanted to be a dancer (smiles)

A: Being an international star means to have a huge number of fans. How are your followers with you?
J: They are very enthusiast when I have time to chat a little and they are very apreciative about me. I thank you all for support.

A:  Do you chat/speak often with them? Do you take also sexy cam shows?
J: Yes, pretty often. I want but I dont have time now because I am travelling a lot

A: Please send a sexy gift to your fans and followers.
J: Dear fans, this is my hot gift for you. Enjoy it and don't stop to follow me. Kisses, Sensual Jane.

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Website: www.sensualjane.me
Twitter: @sensualjane