Oh yes this is a realized dream! We have met the amazing busty model Lana Kendrick who contributes to support the Big Boobed Models Website! In this special and very friendly interview she talks about her life as glamour model, her hobbies and which dreams she wants to realize in her future...with her amazing big boobs! ;-)

Thanks for your support Lana!

A: Dear Lana welcome to our busty board!
L: Thank you so much!

A: This is a successful moment for you as professional topless glamour model. What are you feeling?
L: Not really any different. I'm currently volunteering so I'm not living a glamorous life or anything. I'm excited about the launch of my new site lanakendrick.com I'm starting to feel like I'm in the same league as
Leanne (Crow)  ;)

A: Is this success also because of your marvellous big breasts?
L: I mean, if it weren't for them I wouldn't be modeling. I guess I should be grateful for them every now and then. :P

A: How did you begin your career?
L: I was discovered online by one of the photographers at Pinupfiles.com. He and another model contacted me. It was pretty surreal.

A: What is your favorite genre of modelling?
L: I would love to be a fashion model but I know that my boobs are just too darn big, haha. I've only really done the glamour modeling but I'm an artist at heart so maybe one day I could get more into the artistic stuff
rather than just waving around my big boobs, haha.

A: We don't usually see busty models on catwalks, what does it mean for you? If asked would you pose as fashion model?
L: YES! That's what I've always wanted. I mean I can't really go around telling people I'm a boob model haha. I'd love to get some real artistic credit.

A: How is living with such big boobs?
L: I mean I'm used to it now. When I danced I had a lot of self esteem issues
but I've learned to use what I got (so to speak) ;) I didn't want these
but I was 'blessed' with them so I can't go around being ashamed like I
used to. Thanks to Pinupfiles.com I've learned to love them. I actually
don't think they're that big until I see pictures of me with 'normal' people haha but I think the same way about my height.

A: What is your best shoot till now?
L: My best shoot? I don't think they've been revealed yet. I had one in a comic leotard and another in a turquoise leotard and I'm really looking forward to them being released on my website. The photos were taken by the beautiful Monica Mendez, who has a real artistic eye.

A: How is your typical day?
L: That's the plan. This is my first time out of the country really and I'll be away for another year. I'm trying to make it to Poland next year if I get enough people to join my website. :P

A: Tell us about your hobbies.
L: I really love photography and I used to be a dancer so that's still
something I love to do. I am currently teaching dance in my community. I'm
a bit of a beer enthusiast back in The States so I guess you could say
drinking would be a hobby of mine, also. I love movies and just relaxing
alone in my house too. I love my alone time. I miss bathtubs soooo much...haha.

A: What should a man do to conquer your heart?
L: Be himself. A woman cannot fall in love with someone you're not. If you want to win my heart I need a man who doesn't take life too seriously, is fiercely sexual :P, is dependable and always there for me and doesn't lie to me. It doesn't hurt if he's funny, tall, brunette and handsome either.

A: If you have to choose a place for sex, where do you want to do it?
L: Lately, I've been into hot tubs or balconies. Do me in nature haha I wanna push your limits. ;)

A: To end our meeting, send your sexiest message to your fans!
L: Sexiest message? haha hmm... I just want to thank all my fans for their
support. I know they're just trying to see some tits but it's still pretty
awesome the overwhelming support I've received. Stay sexy my friends and
fapp away! ;)

Photos taken from www.pinupfiles.com

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Twitter @Kendrick_lana
Instagram @lanakendrick3
Website www.lanakendrick.com 

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