We have had the big pleasure and honour to have spent some time together with Jessica. This outstanding girl is one of the most famous and talented American Adult Model and Pornstars. Enjoy the interview.

Hello Jessica, welcome to our busty world, how are you?
Hi everybody, I am very good, thank you! 

Your career is going well, doesn't it? 
I hope so, yes! 

What does it mean to be a pornstar? When did you started and how? 
A pornstar is someone who performs a sex act in films.  I started the end of July in 2013 working for Score Group.

How is your daily routine and what are your main hobbies? 
My daily routine changes a lot since I travel so much for work.  I love working out, doing arts and crafts.

Moralists think that pornstars are the same like prostitutes, what do you say to them? 
The difference is Pornstar work for porn companies that pay them to perform a sex act.  Prostitutes will have sex with anyone for money.  I have more of a classy lady than a hooker.

What the size of your big boobs? Do you like to play with them? 
My breasts are 32G and yes, I love playing with them.

If you have to choose between a solo shoot, a B/G or a G/G what would you prefer to do? 
Solo shoots are more fun cause it’s all about me and it’s a lot faster too.

How big was the largest cock you have ever taken? 
Oh I actually don't know because we don't have measuring tapes on set.

What's planned next? Any new movies and pics are ready to be taken? 
Next year, I will be going to CammingFest 2015: Iam excited for that. Currently I will be continuing making my homemade videos.

Give your definition of being a woman with huge tits. 
Marilyn Monroe is my busty icon!

Are you single? 
Nope, I have a boyfriend.

In the end send your sexiest thought to your fans and friends.
I’m very thankful and appreciative of all my fans for all the support and love that I have.  I never thought that this could happen to me, but I always wanted this.

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