After the successful italian version, we are happy to translate the same interview in english language. Lara is an international blonde pornstar and adult model, she was born in Bucarest (Romania) but she lives since many years in Italy.

A: Hello Lara, welcome to Big Boobed Models! It's a big pleasure to be with you.
L: Hello, the pleasure is all mine!

A: How are you?
L: I'm very well, as always! :-)

A: You are one of the most well known italian pornstars, when did you start this adventure?
L: Oh well, it started 6 years ago, as just a pleasure. I did not imagine at all to become so famous and requested :)

A: How many movies have you realized?
L: Haha I actually don't remember exactly, but for sure more than 60!

A: Who was your favorite partner?
L: There hasn't been one better than another. But in the last movies I have had very good and professional partners, so I am happy to have worked with them.

A: You are a famous pornstar and as well a great adult model, how can you handle the two things?
L: Sometimes it's hard, not because they are two different jobs, but like in every kind of job, there are periods with more work and others with few things to do and it bores yourself. When I am very busy it is harder to handle my two activities but it's not a problem at all :)

A: Tell us about your big breasts: what are their size? Have you advantages or unadvantages? 
L: My bra size is 36D and the only unadvantage is at the gym, in some exercises I feel in trouble. But I love my big boobs, and everyone who has seen them, love them too! :)

A: We know about your shows in stripbars: How much art do you put stripteasing?
L: I want to put as much art and passion as possible in every thing I do.

A: Moralists compare pornstars and prostitutes at the same level: what's your own opinion and what is your message?
L: In my opinion it's wrong, but everyone has its own thought. I prefer not to talk about that because it's a delicate topic and I don't want any misunderstanding. I only say that the job of a pornstar is a form of art, even "extreme": but that's about movies and it takes professionality, time and much more. It's not just sex. That's the final product and it takes hours, weeks, month to realize a work. In my own opinion we have to be treated as an individual person, not about the job, races, society, cultures or religions. Everybody is responsible of the own actions and life, people can think what they want.

A: What are your future programs?
L: I have many plans: movies for international productions, nights, photoshoots. The work is not missing! :)

A: How are you sentimentally?
L: Very fine, I love and I feel loved. Can't ask more...

A: Tell us about your fans, we think that you have a lot of them...
L: Yes they are many! And I'm happy to see many fans during my shows in stripbars and clubs. It's good to feel that they want to know me and my behaviour as a person, not as a pornstar.

A: Let's close our meeting to send your personal message and wishes to our readers and followers.
L: I want to send a big hug and a huge kiss to all friends and followers of me and Big Boobed Models. Follow me on my Twitter and Facebook page, where you will be updated about my events and job. A very big kiss to everybody. Lara

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