Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to a new young, hot European goddess: Erica Fontes. She is a portuguese porn actress and producer, with a happy smile on her pretty face. Enjoy her sexy secrets and satisfy yourself with her nude photos.

A: Hello Erica, it's very nice to have you with us? How are you?          E: Hi everybody, I am very good, thanks.

A: Tell us something about you, such a very young and beautiful girl.
E: I'm 23 years old, a very happy and smily girl. I love go to shopping, travel and go to the cinema. Just good stuff for girls!

A: How and when did you begin your career?
E: It began at the end of May 2009, when I was 18 years old (my birthday is on 14th May 1991). Me and my boyfriend Angelo Ferro saw an article on a newspaper about the first professional production company in Portugal, we got curious and decided to see the website: We signed the casting part for fun and after one hour they called us. One week later we have done our first scene. 

A: How many movies and shoots have you taken till now?
E: About 100 movies and maybe more than 200 scenes.

A: What do you like more in your own body?
E: I love my ass because is "bubble butt". But one year ago i went surgery to get bigger boobs, now I am a very happy woman. 

A: I personally love your boobs, how big are they?
E: Well, they look big because I am slim. But they are 34D and I love them too. 

A: How is being a pornstar? 
E: I feel loved! I really enjoy my life and work. 

A: Do you have a lot of connections with your fans? How much are they actually?
E: Yes, that's right! I keep in touch with my lovers and fans on webcam shows for Cam4, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. On Twitter they are 31,000, on Facebook 15,000.

A: What would you do in your future career?
E: I want to continue in porn behind the camera, producing. This year I have started to produce for my company "Team Erica Fontes". At the moment the scenes and movies are for the Portuguese Television, But there will be soon a website and the DVDs so all fans from all over the world can enjoy them too. I am looking for new portuguese beauties to shooting with other performers from all the Countries. The fans can see more following the Twitter page @teamericafontes

A: Tell us one funny episode happened during a movie or shoot with you.
E: It was for Brazzers in Spain: we were usually shooting all the day, but I loved to eat twice in 2 hours. Everyone was surprised seeing me eating a lot even being so skinny. It's just my genetic! 

A: What do you love more of your job?
E: I love when the scenes are coming out, it's so exciting. It's the part I love more.

A: Thanks so much! I hope to meet you again in future, Let's send now your sexy message and gifts to our followers.
E: Thanks. And big kiss for all my lovers fans. =D

Twitter @ericafontesx
Instagram ericafontesofficial

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