Exclusively for BIG BOOBED MODELS BLOG, we have had the chance to meet and interview a sweet, talented, young girl who is having an unexpected success in the adult world: Kaylee Rayne. She is a pure goddess from the USA with a fantastic body and a very open minded behaviour. Tonight she has permitted to know the beautiful sides of her personality.

Hello Kaylee, and welcome to Big Boobed Models. How are you?
Hi everybody, I'm great! The round 2 of the 2014 Miss Freeones contest was a complete success as I was the winner of the BEST ADULT MODEL category! Hopefully everyone will keep voting for me through the end of September and I can win the Final Round too
You're living a very good professional moment, is that true?
Yes, It is a great time for me as far as my career is going. The momentum from Winning Best Adult Model in this year's Miss FreeOnes Contest could really help to generate some new fans and network some new business prospects!! I really Hope things turn out the same in Round 3!

How do you feel being so loved by your fans?
My fans are the GREATEST fans in the world! I know that has been said a million times over the years but in this case it is 100% true!!! I am beyond flattered at least once a day from messages or comments people leave me on facebook or twitter... I get gifts from my wish-lists sometimes in the mail after a long day and it brings a HUGE smile to my face. It really is nice to have so many people out there in your corner!! Words cant describe the felling I get when I think of all the amazing people I've been lucky enough to meet over the last few years while pursuing a modeling career!!

Tell us the relationship with your body.
I would say its a very "hands on" relationship. I love to eat a lot and work out even more... I love to play with myself and I love to take selfies! So my body is constantly changing. Sometimes I have a little more "meat", especially in winter, and then I lose it all back for beach season!

How big are your boobs? Are they real?

It depends on the Brand of Bra... but 34D or 34DD. And no, they are not real. I actually plan to make them bigger in 2015!

You are one of the best adult models recently. When did you decide to start this career and how?
I started modeling a few years ago because I was dancing at a few different clubs and I had to do promotional shoots for their ads. I has done some modeling in the past, but nothing of note. After doing those promotional shoots... I decided that was what I wanted to do all the time. My fiance' is a photographer when he isn't on stage playing guitar... so it kind of all fell into place that way. At first it was for a little extra cash to help out with college loans. But I got such a great response we decided to make a website and store (www.kayleerayne.com). So, it was kind of a long process. But here we are, coming off of a victory in Round 2 for Best Adult Model in this year's Miss Freeones contest less than a year and a half after my site debuted.
What's your most emotional moment of your modeling career?
Wining Round 2 last night! I cried a little bit! Im not going to lie, I was just so flattered and felt amazing!
Are you a very emotional girl?
Yes, I am a bitch sometimes! I am from the North Eastern United States. That pretty much explains it right? lol

Are you single?
No, happily engaged to a guy of 4 years. But, I am looking for a girlfriend on the side if there are any takers out there...you know how to find me loves!

What is in your own opinion the difference between making love and have sex?

Sex is just good old fashion fun.. And there is nothing better than that... But...making love is something only 2 people who really care about each other can do. It really is sharing something on a higher level or consciousness. Not to sound too much like a hippie, but its more of a cosmic experience where your whole body cums. At least for me it is.

Would you make porn movies in your future?
I have been asked this a lot lately! I am open to g/g stuff, I am not open to b/g at the moment. But you never know what the future holds!

Describe your best hobbies.
I am a bit of a homebody: I like to snuggle and watch The Simpsons! I love to cook and eat! Mostly the eating part! I go to bars and clubs occasionally, but Im more of a live music event kind of girl!! Give me a nice weekend festival and Ill show up in a skirt and bikini top ready to rage!!!
Imagine that you are on a beach. Would you wear a bikini or not?
That depends on the rules of the beach. If I'm not going to get a ticket, I go topless indeed! I don't like tan-lines at all!

How would be your ideal man?
 My ideal man is a lot of things, but i saw one of those funny posts on facebook that described my "ideal guy" perfectly. It said "every girl wants a Ninja Clown"! I love a guy who is funny and can make me feel safe at the same time. I also really dig musicians, like drummers. I think that they are hot! But dont tell my fiance I said that, haha!
Say something to your fans.
You Guys are the most AMAZING fans EVER I really mean that. All the love and support you've shown me over the last couple years is truly unbelievable! Keep voting everyday the rest of the month for me in the BEST ADULT MODEL category in the MissFreeones Contest!! And stay tuned to my website for announcements about all the pics, videos and new products coming laser this year!!!! XOXO

Kaylee Rayne

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