Big Boobed Models has been honoured to have spent a fantastic time with Amalya, a blonde webcam model from the United States who has a massive pair of breasts with large, pink areolas.

Hello Amalya, welcome to Big Boobed Models. How are you?
Thank you so much for inviting me for the interview. I'm feeling great and happy :)

You are becoming one favorite cam model, when did you start this job?
I started one year ago, last February. I couldn't find a job and a friend suggested me to try this out :). I must confess that I never went topless before. The first cam site I worked for was Livejasmin but then I switched to MyFreeCams.

So which one do you prefer?
MyFreeCams, indeed. There are bigger commissions and it is more free.

What are your favorite performances during your shows?
I love teasing, dildo-play and stripping nude :)

Do you do C2C too?
Yes, especially during my Skype shows.

Your breasts are really big, what's their size?
They are 34H, enhanced with silicon, a better material. I'd love to make them bigger reaching 1200cc but to do this I have to travel to Europe because custom silicon that size is not available in the US for plastic surgery, instead doctors use saline. (She chose this question to show off and play with her huge tits!)

I see! So it would be a great opportunity to visit Europe too.
I've already been there twice. What I love more about Europe are the french beaches because I'm used to sunbathe topless: I love hot temperatures!!! :)

And many men will stare at your big tits!
Hahaha yes it happens!! :)

I'm sure! And what about your pussy?
Hehe it's totally shaved (After taking off her t-shirt this was the occasion to flash her hot pussylips!)

What are your hobbies?
I'm a very sporty woman who loves nature. I am from New York City but I am living in New York State where there are nice mountains which give me perfect freedom. I am also totally into sustainable development and green technologies :)

What are your sexual preferences?
Haha I love men and I'm presently single. I don't really have time to date somebody.

Have you ever taken a sexy photoshoot?
Well there is a model agency following me recently so if I have the chance why not?

As well porn?
I don't think so, porn shoots or movies are not in my plans presently.

Example. One of your MFC friends meets you in real life for the first time: how would you react?
I would feel very happy because it's always good to meet new people. And I love my fans so much, they are amazing!

You are amazing too, believe me!
Ohhhh thanks a lot! (In the end this question was the moment to see her naked, outstanding body)

In the end what do you want to say to our blog readers?
I hope you like me and that you will follow me on Twitter and on MyFreeCams!! Kiss!!! :)


Follow Amalya Aspen on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmalyaAspen
MFC Profile: http://profiles.myfreecams.com/amalyaaspen

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