Susann Kudrisch, better known as Sun Aurora, is a very sexy and busty model from Germany. We have met her last night and we want to present her in the hottest side.

Hello Sun Aurora, welcome to Big Boobed Models. How are you?
Hi, thanks. I'm very well! 

You are becoming one of the most attractive busty models from Germany, how do you feel about it?
I feel very happy, I love my job so much and I wanna live like now because I love to show myself.

How is your relationship with your fans?
I love my fans, they are very important for me. Sometimes it's very hard to answer to all messages but I always try to do that. My fans make me proud and I wouldn't be like this without them.

Is there any model who gives you inspirations?
When I was young Pamela Anderson was the pure example of a very erotic woman. Other sexy girls who came lately like Naomi Campbell have been an inspiration to me for their sensuality and erotism.    

Describe your very sexy body.
Haha, this is a funny question! :-) I do a lot of training but not to become too thin. A woman must always have sexy curves!     

Do you usually go topless on the beach?
Oh yes, I love it :-) I prefer to get fully naked on the beach, until my whole body becomes brown! :-)

Do you prefer glamour or adult shootings?
I love both - They are different but the result is always very positive. My favorite shoots are the erotic ones.  

Will we see you in any hardcore shoot or film?
Maybe one day, I'd really love it. :-)
You are on a tv programme in Germany called Die Super-Checker, what do u get from this experience?
Yeah I'm in different tv programmes, the last one is "Die Super Checker". I was in the second season and being in the set was very funny, a great experience for me. The great thing is that you can easily play in different roles on tv. In this serie I have dated four completely different guys. You will see the best on RTL2 and it is really funny. 

Is there a dream that you wanna realize?
My biggest dream is to have my own family somewhere with a nice man. I find that luck is the best gift to receive; I love my life as it is and I work hard for everything.  


What are your main hobbies?
I don't really have so much free time, but when I can I do sports, go to the sea and spend my time with friends and family.     

You are also a cam model: what is your favorite thing when you perform?
Mostly I do stripshows in front of the cam and play with my big tits and pussy till I cum. :-)

Thank you so much and we hope to see you soon again on Big Boobed Models :)

Visit Sun Aurora on her official website www.sunaurora.com

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